The Problem of Marijuana in DC

DC has had “decriminalized” (read: not exactly legal) marijuana since last year, and because of that, it’s been important to watch how things have been going throughout the city. One of the noticeable things is that, even though people are using it and being able to use it, there are still people getting arrested for growing it and selling it illegally. That’s the big problem at the moment, according to one of the orange county legal malpractice attorneys, and it may be the big reason that we have to figure out exactly how to deal with the problems that are brought forward when it comes to dealing with all of the things that are related to marijuana use.

There are a lot of people that are standing up and trying to figure out how everything is going to go when it comes to decriminalization in the country’s capital. Even those who are working as part of the police force need to work through the law in order to try and figure out exactly what it is that they need to do when they encounter the drug and those who may be using it during their daily work. As time has gone on, it is becoming more clear, but it’s still up in the air at this point.

That being said, many people wonder what the difference is between decriminalization and making something legal. According to a legal malpractice lawyer, Decriminalization means that you can’t be arrested for it as a primary charge, or if you are, there has to be other reasons related to it, essentially. The legalization, on the other hand, is allowing it. That doesn’t mean that it’s legalized everywhere, and that it’s not restricted in certain ways (because it definitely is in those states), but it also means that there are other things going on there as well. In short, there is a bit of disconnect.

That being said, how do you see this affecting the future of marijuana legalization? Do you think it’s going to play a significant role in what other states do when it comes to this controversial issue? What do you think should be done in order to make sure that it is dealt with safely, but that people also get the right to be able to use it? These are all important questions to consider and think about as we go toward a country that looks to be more approving of the legalization of marijuana. For more info, contact one of the legal malpractice lawyers at the Traut Firm.

Do the Police Have a Right to Know Your Location?

Did you know that your cell phone gives a lot of information about where you are? You probably noticed it, especially if you use social media and you post where you’re located at that point. That being said, your phone can actually be used against you when you’re being investigated when it comes to police cases. Not only when it comes to messages and such either – they can use your phone to track down where you were at a certain point in time, right down to your coordinates.

Your LocationAt this current point in time, reasonable suspicion is all that police need to have in order to be able to request particular documents from phone companies to learn about your location. That means that, even if they think you did something, they can get your records to check it out. That is incredibly intrusive according to a personal injury attorney and other people but because of that, there have been motions to try and make it so that, like any other evidence that the police need to get from you, that you need a warrant put on you in order to be able to take it. That means that there needs to be “reasonable cause” instead of reasonable suspicion, which is much more difficult to get.

There is a lot of debate around this issue that needs to be considered when you’re talking about it. How much information can the police actually get from you? Is your phone something that should be used when it comes to finding your location? A number of people get incredibly concerned about that idea, mainly because it indicates that you can be watched at any point in time. Others say that, if you decide to have a phone, then you’re taking that risk. The police say that it could play a huge role in making sure that the right people get caught for particular crimes.

As time goes on, it will likely come to pass that this information will be more difficult to get, and with that, it will be a lot harder for police to use such things against you. What do you think about the current laws? Do they need to be changed or can they stay the way that they currently are Are you concerned about your privacy or do you think that it’s something that doesn’t need to be worried about?