What Would Global Law Look Like?

As the world becomes more globalized and more places overlap with their jurisdictions and the problems that happen in various areas, it becomes more and more obvious that there are issues with the system that need to be resolved. For example, if someone is located in a certain country for a certain period of time, are they required to send them back to a country that may have a warrant for their arrest? Or, in cases of terrorism; it wasn’t only Americans who were affected in the events of 9/11 – a number of other countries had people die in the attacks, so did they have the right to do anything about what happened?

Global LawThis is where international law comes into play. International law tells countries what they have the right or ability to do based on what those laws say. But the problem is, there isn’t anything that makes organizations like the United Nations even allowed to try and enforce international law. There are international agreements and such, but it’s really hard to make sure that those things are set in stone and that they actually get enforced. Obviously, human rights violations are an issue that the UN takes up, but other than encouraging countries to prosecute, they can’t do a lot about it at this point. They can hold other countries accountable, but individuals are still an issue at times.

According to a Baltimore car accident lawyer, global law would require a complete restructure of everything that we currently have in place, and a number of people feel uncomfortable with that idea. The restructure would, obviously, put certain countries in power whereas others may not have as much. It would require a balance that we likely would not be able to put together in a way that would help to benefit everyone who is a part of the system.

The whole topic of international law is interesting to look at. Could something for international law ever actually work, or is it something that would just end up being way too complicated to try and deal with in an effective manner? There may need to be some sort of solution to try and deal with it in the future, but at this point in time, everything is still exploratory. If you were part of the international community in this way, what would you be doing to try and deal with the issue at hand?