La Jolla and Cell Phone Tower Issues

Cell Phone TowerWhen you look at cities, you know that there are a lot of issues that end up coming up. Buildings get in the way, or there aren’t really places where people can put the items that are in question. That being said, in La Jolla, there have been laws passed that make it difficult to try and deal with the whole thing appropriately. One of the main reasons that this has become such an issue is because the solution that their government has come up with is that they need to put a number of unsightly towers on top of buildings, and that the ability to do that is protected by acts within California that talk about development.

That doesn’t mean that the residents are not fighting back against this issue. They are actually holding a town hall meeting within the next week to try and see if there are any alternatives that they can try out for themselves. The issue here, of course, is where else would they put them? And can they even go up against these laws? Some people are saying that the hands of the government are completely tied when it comes to this issue, whereas others say that there has to be a solution better than this.

This is a problem that comes up with technology a lot. Since a lot of the items that we need in order to make technology work are not the most attractive items ever, then it can be hard to try and figure out what we can do in order to make these things work without taking away the natural beauty of the area in which they’re set in. One of the main things that those in the technology sector are trying to do is work to find that necessary balance so that disagreements, like the team you describe here, don’t happen.

All that being said, what do you think about development laws that could cause these sorts of issues for a city that wants to stay attractive and tourist friendly? Are there are other ways to deal with technology that will not harm the appearance or the environment of a city, or is there just no way around it when it comes to the things that we need in our cities today? Let us know what you think in the comments below.